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Quick Action Decreases the Likelihood of Stains from Urine, Poop, Blood, or Vomit

Quick Action Decreases the Likelihood of Stains from Urine, Poop, Blood, or Vomit

The following area rug emergencies and should be treated quickly to avoid permanent damage to your area rug.

Pet and Human Accidents on Your Oriental or Persian Area Rug

These biological substances can adversely change the chemical makeup of the various dyes in your fine area rug, possibly causing permanent stains. It is imperative for you to act quickly to remove as much of the substance as possible before you blot the area gently with a clean white cloth. You may add a little water when cleaning, but beware of soaking the area with too much water. Make sure not to rub the area harshly as you may damage the rug further. Call us as soon as possible, before any stains or odors have a chance to set.

Spills on Area Rug

It is best to clean spills as soon as possible. Blot the area gently with a clean white cloth. Work from the outside of the spill toward the center. Never use detergents or bleaches on a valuable Oriental or specialty rug, even if these spot and stain removal products claim to be safe. Use only plain water to clean spills. If the stain can not be removed, call us to come and assess the damage.

Candle Wax on Area Rug

We do not recommend you try removing candle wax at home as damage to rug fibers is likely to happen.

Oriental Rug Moth Damage

When there are bare spots in your rug or you find particles looking like sand granules in the pile, chances are there is a moth infestation in your wool area rug.

If your rug has moth damage, it is best to have it cleaned professionally as soon as possible as moths will continue to ravage and destroy your rug. The more extensive the damage, the costlier the repair.

The best method to deter moths is to inspect your rug often, vacuum it on a regular basis and have it professionally cleaned periodically.

Water Damage

For water damage from plumbing accidents or leaky roofs, the only recourse is to drain the water as best you can and call us to clean and dry the rug professionally before any color runs occur.

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