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Area Rug Cleaning in Allen, TX

Learn about Allen, TX

The city of Allen in Collin County, Texas, is regularly named by media outlets as one of the safest cities and one of the best places to live in the United States.

Now part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Allen was first inhabited by the Caddo, Comanche, and other Native American peoples, while European immigrants began to arrive in the 1840s.

The original Allen township was established in 1872 by the Houston and Texas Central Railroad and named after Ebenezer Allen, a politician from the Republic of Texas and a leader of the railroad industry.

The city remained a small community even when it was finally incorporated in 1953. Since then, however, Allen experienced rapid economic development and population growth, thanks in no small part to the building of U.S. Route 75 and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Today, more than 92,000 people call the city of Allen, TX home.

Area rug cleaning is best left to professionals when it requires more than just simple vacuuming. If you plan on handling the cleaning and restoration yourself, you must understand that not only can the cleaning materials be expensive, there is also risk of permanently damaging the rug, costing you even more money.

We understand that your area rugs are precious and valuable. If you live in Allen, Texas, and you need your rugs cleaned or repaired, you can bank on Dalworth Rug Cleaning to give them the professional service they deserve.

Dalworth Rug Cleaning provides safe and effective cleaning solutions for your residential or commercial area rugs. With years of collective experience in the industry, our fully trained technicians are more than capable of identifying the best approach to cleaning your rug, whether it’s Oriental, Navajo, Persian, silk, wool, or even leather. We also provide rug repair, protection, storage, and pet stain removal services. Whatever condition your rug is in, try our rug services, and you will be surprised by the tremendous results.

Call us now at 817-318-6121 to experience our trustworthy and reliable service, and see the difference for yourself. You may also reach our staff any time via our contact page. We will be happy to provide you a professional estimate of the cost of our services. In addition, customers within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex can also take advantage of our free pickup and delivery services.

Customer Reviews from Allen
GALE G. from Allen, TX
5 Stars
Feb 5th, 2020
The service was great and I loved the discount I received! I will defiantly use Dalworth again ! Keep those discounts coming!
Valerie Corniello from Allen, TX
5 Stars
Nov 25th, 2019
Everybody was awesome!!!
Angela Papadopoulos from Allen, TX
5 Stars
Aug 3rd, 2019
Technicians refused to show my brother in law their IDs so he can know for sure they were who they said they were. I don't think he was unreasonable in his request. It was very unreasonable that your workers refused. That alone would make me hesitate in recommending you to others. Most of my family, friends and associates are working for Federal or are military and would feel the need to verify the identity of anyone coming to their house. Especially in the climate of scams we are in now.
Estimate Request from Allen, TX
Jim H. on October 20, 2019 7:25:39pm
I have an 8 x 10 wool rug to be picked up at my home address
Lori B. on September 15, 2019 8:10:40am
Hi. I have a approx 7' x 10' silk Oriental rug that needs cleaning due to an older dog that has had a few accidents on it. I would like to get a quote and talk about what cleaning process can be done to silk rugs. Thank you!
Robert M. on August 21, 2019 7:14:21am
Need 6x9 approx oriental rug cleaned
Latressa D. on August 8, 2019 9:30:19pm
9x12 interior sisal area rug, cleaned, protected and deodorized. Please provide a quote.
William S. on August 6, 2019 2:53:38pm
I am trying to get an estimate for cleaning a rug 9' x 12'. I believe the kids have spilled something on the carpet. I can drop off and pick up. I am trying to determine if I should buy a different new rug or have the existing one cleaned. I am trying to get an idea of the cost.
yvette w. on June 3, 2019 11:06:50am
I need 2 area rugs cleaned. One has a pet urine stain on it. 8x10. 10ft round
taher h. on May 14, 2019 8:21:56pm
I have silk and wool rug to wash and clean just email me for information Thank you
Tami B. on March 21, 2019 10:25:52am
Hi, I have a 9x12 wool rug that I need cleaned, however I do not have a vehicle large enough to transport it. I purchased it used and it is in good condition but is dusty and the previous owners used a carpet cleaner on it, so it has a lot of soap in the fibers. Are you able to pick up / deliver back? Thank you.
Britt C. on March 12, 2019 3:44:16pm
We have a shag rug (about 13 X 11-ish) in our living room that needs to be deep cleaned/shampooed. We recently got a puppy who uses it as a bathroom about 20% of the time and the smell is getting out of hand.
Rhonda K. on February 22, 2019 10:37:25am
I have a 11' x 7.5' area rug that is heavily stained with dog urine. Please advise how much it would cost to clean. Thanks.