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Custom-Bordered Rug Repair in Dallas-Fort Worth

Custom-bordered rugs are popular due to their personalization options and unique style, allowing individuals to upgrade their rugs' appearance. However, with so many options available, owners may feel overwhelmed. This type of rug may limit future restoration options. The good news is what you are looking for is now just one click away.

Dalworth Rug Cleaning has been serving homeowners for 47 years. Our experience makes us professionals who guarantee satisfaction.

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Rug Border & Edge Repair

Rug border and edge repair is a specific service designed to tackle issues such as fraying, damage, or wear along the edges of a rug. This service mainly focuses on repairing the rug's border while ensuring the design elements are maintained to blend with the overall aesthetic seamlessly.

Custom-bordered rug repair services aim to address structural concerns, enhance the rug's visual appeal, maintain its original charm, and prolong its longevity. 

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What We Focus on While Repairing Rugs?

Material Matching: Experts match materials and seamlessly fit the border with the rug's color and texture.

Enhanced Durability: The repair service aims to increase overall durability.

Design Consistency: Design is our crucial focus as it maintains visual coherence with the original.

Preservation Value: Repairing your rug's customer base will increase its value and durability.

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Why Repair Custom Bordered Rugs with Us?

Dalworth Rug Cleaning has a team with extensive rug cleaning and rug repair experience. Additionally, we offer several other benefits to our clients.

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