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Waterproof Rug Pads Installation Service in Dallas, Ft Worth

A large portion of U.S. houses is wood-framed & contains wooden floors. As we know woods are naturally sensitive to water contact and most antique rugs are not waterproof, water catches the wooden floor after soaking your rugs. It is harmful to both the rug and the floor. Crowning, cupping, buckling, and staining are the most common wood damages caused by unwanted water contact. To prevent issues like these, installing waterproof rug pads underneath your valuable rugs can be a great solution.

At Dalworth Rug Cleaning, we provide waterproof rug pad installation services in Arlington, Avalon, Kennedale & our other service areas. Call 817-318-6121 or contact us online to consult with our experts!

5 Common Reasons Behind Water Damage on Wooden Floors

Your rugs can be soaked by unwanted water in many ways you might not be aware of. All of these types of incidents are capable of damaging both your floors and rugs equally. These are:

Waterproof rug pad on the floor

Pipe bursts: High water pressure, freezing, or poor-quality material might cause a water pipe to burst and spread water everywhere.

Toilet overflows: Sometimes when the drainage system gets blocked for some reason, it can cause the toilets to overflow. Water damage caused by these overflows is usually more severe than the others.

Pet stains: Almost 68% of U.S. households own some kind of pet. Pet stains can also cause your rugs to get soaked and eventually damage your wooden floors.

Faulty Accessories: If one of the water accessories like the sink, bathtub, shower, or hose is leaked or faulty, it might cause water to pour on the floor.

Machinery malfunction: Dishwashers & washing machines are the most used machinery that needs water to function. Any careless usage of these might lead to an unwanted overflow of water.

Your Rug, Your Floor: Our Responsibility

To prevent your wooden floors from molds and other types of water damage, waterproof rug pads can be your best solution. Dalworth Rug Cleaning has been a leading rug cleaning service provider since 1976. We also specialize in waterproof rug pad installation procedures.

By appointing us with this task, you can avoid all the complications that you might face if you did it all by yourself. Once you’ve assigned this to our trained technicians, it is no longer your concern but our responsibility. Reach us in your nearby areas by calling 817-318-6121 or contact us online to learn more about our facilities!

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