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Beet Stain Removal from Your Rug in Dallas Fort-Worth

Don't throw your rug because of some old stains or beet stains. If you are thinking of buying a new rug for some stains then don't bother to waste your money on new rugs. You might be very careful with your rug, but we have all experienced situations like this at least once or twice.

Dalworth Rug Cleaning can easily remove all the stains no matter how stubborn the stain is. If you are a homeowner in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, or other service areas we serve, call Dalworth Rug Cleaning at 817-318-6121 to experience the difference. You can contact us online as well from your area rug cleaning.

beet stain on carpet

What You Shouldn't Do?

When accidents happen, your first step might be rubbing and scrubbing the rug trying to remove the stain. But that can make the situation worse and make it more difficult to remove stains. Using hot water, vigorous scraping, overwetting, and incorrect cleaning products, all the thing can ruin your rug.

Dalworth Rug Cleaning will be your best option when a situation like this comes. Delaying treatment can make the situation even worse.

Beet stain removal using home equipment

Never DIY for Rug Stain Removal

DIY processes like vinegar or bleaching might seem easy and effective. Although it is not a healthy way to remove rug stains. There are some reasons why you should avoid these methods for area rug cleaning.

  • Fabric and Material sensitivity
  • Residual Odor
  • Not effective for stubborn stains
  • Potential discoloration
  • Not suitable for all surface

Count on Us

If you have stains or discoloration on your rug, it's advisable to seek professional rug cleaning services. We use cleaning methods specifically designed for rugs. These methods can often remove stains without causing rug damage.

Additionally, if you need any area rug cleaning, rug repairs, or protection service we can serve for all types of rugs. Relax and call us at 817-318-6121 or contact us today.

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