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Rug Pads Repair Service in TX

Rug pads are a protective layer at the base of your rug that prevents it from slipping. Over time, with regular rough use rug pads become worn out. A damaged rug pad is a safety hazard for both the people of your home and the heavy furniture, especially furniture with glass, such as tables with glass counter tops.

At Dalworth Rug Cleaning we provide custom ordered and measured rug pad replacements and rug pad repair services. Our IICRC certified team have been handling rug pad repair service for all types and sizes of rugs for over half a century. Call us at 817-318-6121. We offer our services in Avalon, Lipan and several  other local service centers all across Texas


Risks From Rugs With Damaged or Cheap Quality Rug Pads

At Dalworth Rug Cleaning we provide custom measured and tailored rug pads with the best in the industry material that lasts for a long time with no need for replacement. 

  • Floor damage: The adhesive in rug pads will stain and destroy your home's floors especially hardwood floors
  • Destroys air quality with toxins: The adhesive used in rug pads is highly toxic and will contaminate your home's air quality. 
  • Accident risk: A damaged rug pad will make the rug slippery, promoting accidents in your home. 
  • Lower life span: A cheaper quality rug pad will naturally have a very low life span, making it a costly and inconvenient hassle when it is time for replacement.

Contact Dalworth Rug Cleaning For Trusted Rug Pad Repair Service in Texas

At Dalworth Rug Cleaning, we provide a comprehensive five step rug pad repair process that includes free delivery. We assess the surface type, shape and size of the rug to custom tailor the damaged rug pad to brand new condition. To book our services online reach us here.  

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