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Area Rug Cleaning in Farmersville, TX

Have you ever experienced drinking a nice cold beverage on a hot day and then suddenly the glass slipped from your hand and all the liquid spilled over your nice Navajo rug? Does your pet have the habit of peeing over your lovely sheepskin rug in the living room? For any specialty rug cleaning concerns, we’d like to tell you that you don’t have to look far for help.

Dalworth Rug Cleaning has been serving the communities and cities in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 36 years. We’ve got the rugs of the homes and businesses of Farmersville, Texas covered. If that beautiful rug in your living room or bedroom needs cleaning, protection, repair or safekeeping, we’d like you to know that our premium service is there for you.

Best of all, our pick-up and delivery services are free. We understand that rugs make floors bustle with color and life and that large rugs are the centers of the rooms where they are placed. Our team of specialists knows this and will work to get your rug back in pristine condition. Nothing quite beautifies living space like a clean rug sprawled on the floor and working its magic.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 817-318-6121. Our friendly staff would love to hear from you and how we can best clean and maintain your rugs.