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Learn about Ferris, TX:

The city of Ferris in Texas began as small settlement in the early 1870s. In 1874, one of the resident families transferred 100 acres of land to four trustees in order to found a new community and a railway station. It was decided that the new town will be named after the Justus Wesley Ferris, the judge who handled the deeding contract. Within the next decade, Ferris became a thriving community of 300 people who were served by flour mills, cotton gins, a local post office, a school, and four places of worship. A few years later in 1882, the community was officially incorporated as a town. Slowly but surely, the town developed a little more. By 1914, fifty enterprises were operating in the city, including six brick manufacturing factories. The population of the town reached more than 1,500 people, only to decline during the Great Depression of 1930s. After the years of economic depression and the Second World War, Ferris began to flourish once more, at one time even gaining the moniker "Brick Capital of the Nation" because of its thriving brick industry. Today, the town still celebrates a yearly brick festival every April. Ferris is currently home to more than 2,500 people.


There are many different types of area rugs. Some are made of wool, silk, or leather, while others are made of sheepskin or sisal. Many are also made of synthetic fiber, which make them a little cheaper than the ones made from natural fibers. Others, on the other hand, are a little expensive as they are handcrafted by artisans from distant places like Tibet, Iran, China, India, or Spain.

Whatever type of area rug you may have, it needs to be cleaned professionally every now and then. Vacuuming might not be enough, especially when you have to deal with things like pet urine and food and beverage stains. And if your rug is stained by paint and other chemical substances, DIY cleaning simply wouldn't do.

It's best to call your trusted rug cleaning service provider when you want to clean tough-to-remove dirt or stain on your rug or if you simply want a periodic maintenance care treatment. Residents of Ferris, Texas, and surrounding communities within the Dallas-Fort Worth Area have long relied on the expert services provided by Dalworth Rug Cleaning.

Our highly skilled technicians do more than just clean your rug. We also protect and repair them. In addition to moth remediation and fiber protection services, we also provide patching, reweaving, edge serging, and edge binding services, plus a whole lot more!

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