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Area Rug Cleaning in Maypearl, TX

Learn about Maypearl, TX

Maypearl may well be one of the smallest cities in Ellis County, Texas. It sits on an area half a mile wide and hosts a population of 934 as per the census of 2010. In the year 2000, the population stood at 746 people spread out in 245 households and 185 families.

Maypearl can easily be reached through Interstate Highways 35E and 35W, and the big cities in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is only minutes away.

Although carpets andrugs are beneath our notice, they have a way of working their magic in. When we look at our rooms, visit a friend’s house or the home of a nearby relative, if their rooms look a little more tied together, a little warmer, a little more alive, it is probably because we all own that little piece of rug.  Unfortunately, this magic by this woven piece of art has its limits. The rug can get dirty because of dust or pet dander and thus make it a hotbed for the activation of allergies. Its edges can get frayed and all its threads can go loose. What was an ornate depiction of Navajo culture can get lost thread by loosening thread. For rug problems as serious as this, consult with the experts at Dalworth Rug Cleaning.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning, Protection, and Repair in Maypearl, TX

Dalworth Rug Cleaning has been servicing the rugs of people of Maypearl, the Ellis County area, and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area for 36 years now.  Our continued existence is the guarantee of the quality of our service and the excellence of our craftsmanship in rug restoration work. We can restore rugs of any origin from Navajo, Oriental and Persian and of any make from cowhide, leather, sisal, sheepskin, silk and wool. Our team of professional rug restorers has the experience and the expertise in order to give life back to any kind of rug.

Aside from restoring rugs, we can also prolong their lives by protecting them against moths and applying rug pads. We know and understand that rugs are also investments in a way and that they should be actively cared for. If your rug or a friend’s is having serious problems, please do not hesitate to give us a call at our 817-318-6121 number or you can get in touch with us through our website. Our friendly staff will give you a free estimate. Pick-up and delivery of your rug is also free of charge.