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Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Krum, TX

Learn about Krum, TX:

The city of Krum, Texas, owes a large part of its existence to Mr. L.L. Finely, who in the fall of 1886 sold 200 acres of the southern portion of his farm as site for the new town. The founding of the community's first business establishments began at around the same time, when Mr. Finley opened a general merchandise store, paving the way for other businesses that will be founded later in the area. By 1887, the Santa Fe Railroad had built a new depot in Krum, in addition to the town's first house, which they constructed for their agent. Over the following years, the town also saw its first post office (1888), first drug store (1891), first hardware and feed store (1894), and first telephone and telegraph stations (1899). From a population of just 75 in 1892 and less than 300 during the Great Depression, it now stands at over 4,100 people. The city, with its "home town" atmosphere, its outstanding school district, and a forward-looking economic development plan offers the sense of peace and community many people look for with the excitement of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex just a short distance away.

Certain area rugs like Persian rugs, Navajo rugs, and silk rugs, require proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure the endurance of their color, material stability, and overall beauty. While you can clean your rugs at home, without proper professional care, they can become overly soiled or damaged over time.

If you live in Krum, Texas, and are looking for the right service provider who can thoroughly clean your rug and provide it with the maintenance and repair procedures it needs, you can count on Dalworth Rug Cleaning to do the job just right.

Our expert technicians are trained to identify the materials and techniques used to make different kinds of rugs so that they can custom clean, maintain, and repair these items according to our strict standards of excellence. In no time, we will make your rug looking new again, depending on its current condition.

We have been in business for almost four decades now, a testament to our commitment to providing our customers in Krum and elsewhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the best services possible.

For inquiries about what we can do for your area rug, please call our office at 817-318-6121. Our rug pick-up and delivery service is free within the DFW metroplex.