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Area Rug Cleaning in Stephenville, TX

Learn About Stephenville, TX

Stephenville is the county seat of Erath County in Texas and boasts a population of over 17,000 people. It was founded in 1856 when the land was donated by George B. Erath. Its growth was stifled during the first few years due to its location on Comanche territory. The American Civil War also forced the citizens to leave as a result. It was only in 1871 that its population grew once again when Stephenville became an agricultural, livestock and mining center. Stephenville is also known for the various sightings of UFO as claimed by its residents. Many stories and reports have been covered regarding this, including the History Channel and CNN’s Larry King.

There are times when DIY cleaning methods on your rugs and carpets just won’t cut it. If you want your rugs cleaned to look brand new, you should only entrust in professional rug cleaners. When looking for a professional rug cleaning service in Stephenville, TX, there’s no other name that you can rely on than Dalworth Rug Cleaning.

We’ve been in the business of the area rug cleaning, repair, protection and storage of rugs for almost four decades in Stephenville. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled technicians is always ready to heed any calls of assistance. They have extensive experience in all types of rugs, regardless of its material or fabric.

Area Rug Cleaning, Repair, Protection and Storage in Stephenville, TX

Residents of Stephenville, Texas can call us directly for a free pickup and delivery of their rug. Call us now at 817-318-6121 for a free quotation of our services. You can also leave us an inquiry through our Contact Us page.

Estimate Request from Stephenville, TX
Jimmy K. on September 20, 2019 12:34:11pm
Have 9 x12 rug to be cleaned. Do we need to make appointment and if possible pick up same day since we are out of town. If not about how long does it take.