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Area Rug Cleaning by Professionals

You May Run Into Some Difficulties Cleaning Your Rug at Home

We often see area rug cleanings that went awry. Homeowners took matters into their own hands at less-than-perfect results. Thus, the anticipated savings in both time and money are rarely materialized. At Dalworth Rug Cleaning, we get quite a few phone calls due to these unfortunate blunders and we do our best to restore these area rugs to their original, pre-damaged state.

This time of year, homeowners clean and beautify their homes in anticipation of family and friends sharing the spirit of the holidays together. Some homeowners try to clean their area rugs themselves, using store bought carpet shampoos and cleaners. Unfortunately, these cleaning solutions are made for synthetic fibers that are common to wall-to-wall carpeting and are not designed for natural fiber rug cleaning, especially those with rich dyes that bleed easily. Many Oriental and area rugs come in wool, silk, cotton, and various other blends that do not respond well to harsh shampoos.

The Professional Way

When Dalworth Rug Cleaning personnel come to pick up your area rug, this service is free of charge. Our technicians take the time to answer your questions and explain the rug cleaning process. IICRC certified area rug cleaning experts analyze and test your rug for fiber, construction, and dye type to make sure they clean it without any damage occurring. Once the rug is washed, technicians hang it flat and make sure it has enough air circulation around for proper drying. Once your rug is washed and dried, our professionals groom it and deliver it back to you, looking and smelling fresh and clean. They place your area rug to your specifications, again, answering your questions and explaining how to maintain the rug at home for optimal results.

Your area rug cleaning is done in a dedicated, temperature controlled facility with professionals attending and overseeing every step in the cleaning process. When you entrust your Oriental rug to Dalworth Rug Cleaning, you have peace of mind. That is important because for busy people, especially during the holiday season, area rug cleaning is one less thing to worry about.

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