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The Cost of Area Rug Cleaning

Determining Factors

The cost of area rug cleaning depends on several factors, such as the size, condition and fabric of the rug. Usually, professional area rug cleaners have a set price per square foot. With larger area rugs costing more to clean than smaller ones. However, wool area rugs may be priced differently than silk area rugs because the cleaning process may be different. Moreover, delicate natural fibers and hand woven rugs may require more attention. Special rugs require special care and may be more time consuming to clean and groom, as many require hand washing rather than machine washing. If the rug is fragile or needs repair prior to cleaning, cost is likely to be higher.

Odors, Stains, and Extra Services

Other factors affecting the cost of area rug cleaning involve odors, pet accidents, and stains that may not come out with regular rug cleaning. Sometimes, additional spot treatment may be required to get the rug smelling and looking its best. Extra services, such as fiber protector, custom rug pad, moth repellant and rug storage cost more. The cost of each area rug cleaning and combination of extra services is best itemized and estimated separately for the most accurate price quote.

Incentives, Coupons, Special Offers

Many professional area rug cleaners will pick up and drop off your rug for free within a certain geographical area. Some may offer a discount for you dropping off your rug at their location. Also, many rug cleaners offer coupons or incentives throughout the year. They may also discount the cost of rug cleaning for a second area rug. Some may give a discount if you refer a friend or leave a review on Facebook or some other social networking site. So, it is worth calling local companies and finding out what deals they have available.

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Regularly Scheduled Rug Cleaning Incentive

The cost of rug cleaning can be more manageable and more affordable if you ask your favorite rug cleaners to put you on their mailing list announcing offers, discounts and promotions. You could also suggest they offer a 5% discount for customers scheduling regular cleanings every 6 months to a year. Rug owners with environmental allergies or pets could actually use such a thoughtful incentive from their rug cleaners and will appreciate the gesture. Small, family operated local businesses love customers getting involved and giving feedback. They also usually have more leeway in setting policy for regular customers, unlike large corporations that manage from afar.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Although there are different methods to clean an area rug, professional rug cleaning is recommended for thorough care. In fact, that level of attention can’t be beat. It is customized specifically to your rug’s needs and there is little chance of damage when you trust your area rug to professional rug cleaners. These companies are usually licensed, bonded and insured. Many are members of industry associations so you have peace of mind knowing you are dealing with trained and certified professionals.

Special Rugs Require Special Care

Many rug owners know that an area rug is more than a just a pretty accessory in the home. It sets the tone and atmosphere in a room like no other piece of furniture can. Your rug could be a brand name, a priceless tribal or an inexpensive hand-me-down but there’s usually a definite emotional attachment to a special area rug. If you love your rug, take care of it and do not take shortcuts. After all, special rugs require special care.

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