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6 Down And Dirty Tips On Becoming A Vacuuming Expert

For some, vacuuming is therapy.  For others, vacuuming is something they put off until the dust bunnies resemble small cats.  However, if you have area rugs or carpet in your home, vacuuming is something that needs to be done on the regular.

Dropped Biscuit On Floor Mums Floor Is Clean Enough To Eat Off

Police The Dirt

Be proactive and prevent the amount of dirt that enters your home.  Use doormats, both inside and outside your entries, and when people enter your home, have them take their shoes off by the door.  Maybe provide socks or slippers if people really don't want to go barefoot.  And if you have pets, use wipes, which you can purchase at your local pet store, grocery, or retail store, to wipe their paws before they enter the house.

Dust Before You Vacuum

Don't make the mistake of vacuuming then dusting, because all your hard work will just be covered with a nice layer of dust. If you dust first, wait a few minutes to let the particles fall to the floor and then vacuum them up along with the rest of the dirt and debris.

Dyson Vacuum for pets

Choose Wisely

The right vacuum can make all the difference. Do some research on which vacuum will work best for your home's needs and the type of rug or carpet you have. The wrong vacuum can destroy your precious rug, while the right vacuum can be the difference of pretty clean and "I can eat off this floor" clean.

It's Not A Race

When vacuuming, move the vacuum back and forth and in long, slow overlapping strokes. Going fast and in one direction will still leave you with dirty floors. You need to allow the brush to agitate the fibers to maximize the amount of yuck the vacuum sucks up. So put on your favorite vacuuming playlist (You don't have one?!) and sing loud and proud; good thing is, no one will be able to hear how bad you sound anyway.

Become Attached To Your Attachments

The brush and crevice tool are not just there for decoration. They help with those hard to reach and stubborn areas, such as your couch, lamp shades, and baseboards. They even have attachments that you can use on mattresses, stairs, and even your pets. Yes, you can actually vacuum your pets (all pet owners just perked up, while Fido is trying to find a hiding spot)!

Ecard On Vacuuming

Keeping It Clean

Cleaning and regular maintenance of your vacuum will keep it running and picking up your mess like a champ. Make sure your brush roll is clean - untangle or snip anything keeping it from moving properly. If your vacuum has a bag, replace it often and make sure that the new one is put on properly. Also check the condition of the belt, which holds the brush roll, as well as the hoses and filters. A bad belt is bad news, while your vacuum will work best when the hoses and filters aren't caked with dirt.

Well, now that we have given you some great tips on how to become a vacuuming expert, and soon you will become one, share the love. Especially with other members of your household! There can be more than one expert (wink, wink). And if you end up vacuuming Fluffy or Fido, we want pictures!

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