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Fine Ornamental and Heirloom Rugs Cleaning Process

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Fine Ornamental and Heirloom Rugs

Fine ornamental rugs, they can make a room come alive, unique, valuable and beautiful. There’s only one problem with fine rugs. Whatever gravity takes hold of will end up meeting your expensive masterpiece. Well, that’s no problem. We, at Dalworth Rug Cleaning, encourage you to go ahead and live on and around your fine rug. That’s because we are confident we can offset pretty much anything life throws your way, highly specialized elemental cleaning process that few people have ever even seen. When you call Dalworth, you don't have to be ashamed to tell us what happened. Chances are we've heard it all before: milk, wine, pet accidents, creative child accidents… There’s really nothing under the sun we haven't cleaned at least once already.

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Our specialists will pick up your rug and take it to our state of the art facility, where they will analyze the stains, even those you may not have known about. We then determine the most suitable cleaning process. We use patented air tool with cool clean air and an outdoor dusting bay to gently expel pounds of tiny particles of dust, glass, dirt, sand and other abrasive matter that no vacuum could ever remove. To avoid stressing the fibers or causing additional damage, we would never beat or shake your rugs either. Next, we will imitate an old world rug cleaning process that has been used for thousands of years. The makers of fine rugs in years past learned that submerging their rugs in rivers and streams would constantly introduce fresh clean water over the surface of the rug and lift out the dirt and dust. Our system also uses a constant stream of slow moving fresh water and gentle cleaning solutions to create a virtual river, only our’s processes pure fresh water, unlike the Trinity.

Our Gentle Rug Cleaning Process

We then bring together the elements of air and water with specialized tools to enhance our cleaning process. Together, any remaining soil, pet urine, or other contaminants are simply flushed away, rinsing away years of neglect and restoring the beauty and luster of your prized possession. We’ll repeat our process until we are confident that every stain and particle of dirt has been properly removed.

Once we are satisfied that it’s clean, the water is rolled out and the rug is brushed and rinsed again. Then the drying process begins. Some rugs can weigh over 500 pounds when wet, but our ceiling mounted hoists allow us to gently lift them out of the river and onto our custom drying racks.

Here, gravity actually becomes your rugs’ friend, pulling the water down and out, allowing it to drip dry. We'll be there to carefully watch the drying process by spraying out any remaining soil and combing the knap until the fibers align in the right direction. Finally, we do the detail work, touching up fringes where appropriate, inspecting any damaged fibers and even repairing some areas of your rug that may be showing signs of wear. Plus, our artisans can even reweave some threads. When we deliver your freshly cleaned rug, we will also install special non-skid pads, apply fiber protector and moth guard. That way you can get back to living on and around your centerpiece again.

Dalworth Rug Cleaning

So, if your fine rug gets a heavy dose of life, give it a dose of the pampering and royal treatment that Dalworth Rug Cleaning has to offer.

Because the next best thing to new is Dalworth clean.

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