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Let Your Walls Steal The Show - With Tapestries

Incan Tapestry Tunics

Tapestries 101

If you are wanting to “wow” your friends and family, or you just want to give an unexpected and rich feel to your decorating, invest in a tapestry. A tapestry is basically textile art - threads that have been hand woven together, typically on a vertical loom, to form a picture or design. They have been around since the Roman Empire, and continue to steal the show in many homes today.

Tapestries were popular centuries ago because they were functional and easy to handle. Roll them up and they could be transported quite easily from place to place. Churches displayed them for special occasions, and castles used them not only for insulation during the cold winter months but for decoration as well. Tapestries were also known to bear symbolic emblems or coats of arms and were hung over a throne to show which ruler was in charge at the time. The Egyptians and Incas even buried their dead in tapestry woven clothing.

Tapestry on Blue Wall

How To Choose A Tapestry

In choosing a tapestry for your home you can either purchase one that compliments your current decor theme, or if you have a more modern style, you may be able to play around with your design a bit more. Do make sure to measure the spot where your tapestry will go, and also take note of the wall color where you plan to hang your tapestry. Because coming home with a tapestry that does not fit the wall or the colors don't blend well together, is no bueno.

Shans Tapestry

Caring For Your Tapestry

If you are already the proud owner of a tapestry, or looking to purchase one, please keep in mind that caring for your tapestry properly is the best way to preserve it. Wool has been the material predominately used to make tapestries, however silk, cotton or linen have also made their presence. Therefore, placing your tapestry in location with good clean air circulation is ideal. So grab your ladders, or a really tall person, and hang your tapestry as high as you possibly can. Moisture, carless handling, and exposure to the sun can significantly decrease the lifespan of a tapestry. To remove some of the dust and dirt that will inevitibly appear, you can gently brush or beat the tapestry (but not too hard - it never did anything to you!). However, if you need to wash it, please do not put it in a washing machine.

We recommend having your tapestry professionally cleaned for the best possible outcome. Just check out one that was recently brought into our facility by a local tapestry lover.

Bring Home The Beach!

So when that itch comes to find the nearest beach, just sit down in your living room, bedroom or even your patio; you don’t even have to drive. Music, reading material, bathing suits are all optional. Just grab a nice cold refreshment, particularly one worthy of a tiny umbrella, and hit the beach!

Where To Purchase A Tapestry

And if you are in the market for a tapestry check out the ones here or here you are just needing some tapestry decor inspiration, visit this website.  Either way, maybe we’ll be seeing you soon!

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