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For some, vacuuming is therapy.  For others, vacuuming is something they put off until the dust bunnies resemble small cats.  However, if you have area rugs or carpet in your home, vacuuming is something that needs to be done on the regular.

I know that you've heard the "everything is bigger in Texas" saying. Well, we feel that in some cases, that may be true. Dalworth Rug Cleaning has always been a growing company and going into our 41st year, we continue that tradition. Due to an increase in business, we simply realized that we needed more room. So out came the sledgehammers and painter's plastic; the transformation was about to begin.

Quite surprisingly the renovations only took about a week. We were only knocking out the front of our warehouse that was used by the Deflood Technicians to house their equipment and storage lockers. The lockers didn't get much use since their vehicles could store most of their items, and the equipment found a new home in another one of our buildings just a few steps away.

Come to find out, bigger really is better in Texas. We have so much room now! And just to prove our point that the expansion was necessary, a few days after the renovation was complete, we had a customer who brought in fifteen area rugs that needed to be cleaned. With our new space, we were actually able to have each one of them opened on the floor so that we could inspect and take pictures of each one. Not only is the space a huge benefit, but we're able to service more rugs at one time as well.

So Texas, bring it on! Bring in the biggest area rug you have. Heck, bring in all the rugs you have! Trust me. We got this.

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