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Rug Dusting Service in Texas

To avoid permanent stains and other damages, it is a crucial step to dust a rug before the wet wash step. Due to normal residential homes not having the proper precautions needed in the dusting process of a rug, it is a human health hazard due to allergens present in it. There is also high chance of rug damage if the dusting process is inadequate.

At Dalworth Rug Cleaning we provide experienced and careful rug dusting process, that ensures professional work quality and keeps your rug safe from dust staining or other related damages. We have been providing services in this line of industry for over five long decades. Call us at 817-318-6121. We provide our services in Lillian, Lipan and several other local service centers all across Texas

Rug Dusting Process at Dalworth Rug Cleaning

We use compressed air, dusting the rug on both sides. Our state of the art equipment includes, a tumble duster and polisher which use very large quantities of cold, dry air to remove bulk quantity dust from a heavily dirty rug. 


Advantages of Dusting a Rug Before The Washing Process

  • Allergen removal: Before a wet wash, one of the most crucial reasons to dust a carpet is to remove dust and allergens which helps protect human health. 
  • Fiber protection: Dust if directly wet washed can stain a carpet and make it muddy, dusting it prevents the staining. 
  • Longer rug lifespan: Dust and debris accumulation will cause the fibers in the carpet to split, the longer the dust and debris sit in the carpet the worst this damage will be. Dusting the carpet eliminates this problem increasing the life span of the carpet.  

For Expert Carpet Dusting Service in Texas Dalworth Rug Cleaning Is The Ideal Choice

Given that we are one of the oldest companies, in this line of industry and during that period we have retained a service quality standard that has kept us on top, we are your ideal choice for rug dusting service in Texas. Reach us  here to book our services online

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