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Professional Oriental & Area Rug Wet Cleaning in Arlington & DFW

Cleaning your rug at home in traditional methods (such as shampooing)  can cause many side effects and challenges. Such as hard to remove pet stains or damaged rugs such as worn edges (link it to binding), discoloration, and even human health issues. Professional wet cleaning the rug can rescue you from the seemingly unrecoverable condition.

Dalworth Rug Cleaning is a licensed, insured, bonded local reliable professional rug cleaning and repair company operating since 1946. Our service areas include Farmers Branch, Farmersville, Arlington, Rowlett, Sachse, and other DFW Metroplex areas. We perform all kinds of rug cleaning services including rug wet cleaning.

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Arlington Professional Area Rug Wet Cleaning 

Wet Rug Cleaning

Hot water extraction and steam cleaning are two common wet rug cleaning methods, during which equipment is used to spray hot water or steam with cleaning chemicals onto the rug.

Types of Wet Rug Cleaning in DFW

Hot Water Extraction: In the hot water extraction method of rug cleaning, rug fibers are bathed in hot water and in a cleaning solution. It rinses the fibers, pulls the fibers back up, and removes stains and dirt while extracting dirty rinse water and cleaning solution. This leaves the rug fresh, clean, sanitized, and deodorized. 

Steam Rug Cleaning: Steam is made when water is heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam rug cleaning method gets water hotter and converts it all into steam so less water is used. 

The high pressured hot water effectively agitates rug fibers to help loosen deeply embedded grime, dirt, and dust.

Wet Rug Cleaning

Some Benefits of Wet Cleaning Your Arlington Rug

Wet cleaning is a really effective and efficient way to lift build-up from the rug fibers. It also is effective at improving the appearance of rugs that have been neglected over time. Other benefits can include: 

  • Effective deep cleaning
  • Quick-drying time
  • Suspends dirt, debris, and other trapped pollutants embedded in the oriental rug fibers
  • Kills harmful microbes
  • Does not leave harmful toxic residue 
  • Can sanitize your rug
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for human health
  • Safer than other chemical treatments
  • Clear out dust mite infestations
  • Help prevent mold growth
  • Extend rug durability
  • Restores your rug to its original state 
and many more!

Why Choose a Professional Rug Cleaner?

You might think that you can DIY clean your rug at home with internet knowledge. But this can cause you more trouble than benefit:

  • Rugs are delicate. Fibers it's made up of is fragile. So it's very important to handle it with utmost care and precision when cleaning. Professionals have state-of-the-art equipment to perform the task minus human errors. Doing at home, without prior experience or expert hands this might be near impossible.
  • Professional rug cleaners like us, have specialized facilities with the ideal conditions for proper cleaning and treatment of rugs. 
  • Pre-treating stains and breaking down the surface tension of the rug might be needed before doing through the cleaning process. This might not be possible at home.
  • Any wrong step can permanently damage your rug. Experts like our crew have years of experience in cleaning, treating, and protecting rugs which eliminate any chance of that occurring. 

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