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Textile Insects, Bugs & Pests Infested Rug Repair in DFW

Area and oriental rugs can brighten up your room, give comfort, and help create a style statement. But just like other furry floor coverings, rugs are also prone to textile insects and pests such as bugs, moths, carpet beetles, and others. So it is very important to keep an eye for rug infestation signs, take appropriate protective measures, and seek professional help when needed.

Textile Insects, Bugs &  Pests

If your Area/Oriental rug is infested or you are looking for professionals to prevent one, Dalworth Rug Cleaning service provider is the one for you. We offer affordable, effective, and quick bug and pest-infested rug repair and treatment services.

We are a licensed, insured, bonded local reliable professional rug cleaning and repair company operating since 1946. Our service areas include Watauga, Waxahachie, Weatherford, Westminster, and other DFW Metroplex areas. We perform all kinds of rug repair services including rug disinfestation. All our rug repair services come with FREE estimates, FREE pickup, FREE delivery, and Dalworth Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Types of Rug Bugs and Pests Found in DFW Homes


Moths are notorious for destroying clothing and fabric and can also damage the fibers in area rugs. Moths are partial to wool and silk - two of the top fibers used to construct Oriental rugs and other fine rugs and textiles.

Carpet Beetles
Carpet Beetles

These pests will do the most damage to rugs made of animal products including furs, flannels, wools, and feathers.

Silverfish & Firebats
Silverfish & Firebats

Silverfish can damage rugs made of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, paper, silk, and also rayon fabrics. They usually live and develop in dark, cool places, especially bathrooms and basements. Firebats also eat rugs.

Dust Mites
Dust Mites

Dust mites are tiny, invisible insects that can live in fibers on rugs. Unlike spiders or ticks, dust mites are not visible to the naked eye.

Other Rug Pests
Other Rug Pests

There are many other insects and pests that can invade your rug and affect you and your family’s health such as bed bugs, termites, wasps. Others include ticks, body lice, cockroaches, flies, wasps, spiders, ants, hornets, pillbugs, mosquitoes, centipedes, gnats, etc.

Each of these pests may require special treatments and some may require a call to a licensed pest control operator to rid them from your home environment, but there is a way to prevent an infestation and inhibit the growth of most insects...

  • Routine professional rug cleaning can help prevent bug infestation.
  • A moth repellent or other pest control treatment can keep your rug protected from damage and keep it in good condition.
  • Rug repair by professionals like Dalworth Cleaning is the best way to get the best-infested rug recovery results.

Why Choose Us For Carpet Beetle Infested Rug Treatment in DFW

  • Free pickup of rug from your home to our state-of-the-art rug treatment facility.
  • A complete inspection of your rug, by our certified, trained and experienced technicians.
  • Identification of all damages.
  • Prepare for the most appropriate treatment/repair.
  • Free delivery of rug to your place.
  • Award-winning customer service.
  • Budget-friendly packages.
  • Customized Rug Cleaning Process.
  • Service AllOver the DFW area.

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