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Rug Repair or Replace in DFW

Most rug damages can be repaired if they are brought to professionals at the early stages. There are some damages that might be more complex to deduce whether to repair or replace at the first instance. Consultation with expert professionals can help you make the best decision, saving you money, time, and valuables. 

Dalworth Rug Cleaning is a licensed, insured, bonded local reliable professional rug cleaning and repair company operating since 1946. Our service areas include Lancaster, Lavon, Lewisville, Lillian, and other DFW Metroplex areas. We perform all kinds of rug cleaning, repair, and protection services for all types of rugs. 

All our rug services come with FREE estimates, FREE pickup, FREE delivery, and  Dalworth Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  

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Should You Replace or Repair that Rug at Your DFW Home?

Evaluating certain factors can help you make the most rational decision:

Expensive Rugs

Rug Repair

If the rug is expensive, you can probably opt for maintenance or repair even if it is costly. This is because expensive rugs such as Oriental and other hand-made rugs can be extremely exorbitant to replace.

Family Heritage/Sentimental Values

Is the rug part of your family history? Even if the rug itself was cheap, the memories you’ve made are irreplaceable. The sentimental value of your rug may be far higher than the financial value of the repair.

Interior Design Perspective

If your rug is the focal point of your interior design and getting a similar one is very difficult, it might be better to repair it than replace it. Rugs are usually the key element that ties the rest of your home together. Finding another rug that works equally well with your furniture, color scheme, and other decors may take an extremely long time, as well as an investment that could match the cost of repairing your current rug.

Time For Finding Replacement Rug

Finding a replacement rug that fits your interior decoration, furniture, and other aspects can be time-consuming. So you’ll need to consider whether you can invest a lot of time to find the right one or money to repair the existing one whichever is better traded off for you.

Expert Inspection

Doesn't matter what the scenario, your initial step should be having your rug assessed by expert professionals to understand the cost of repair vs. replacement.

Rug Replace

Why Choose Us For Your Rug Cleaning & Repair Service?

  • We can help you restore your rug to its original condition.  
  • Professional rug cleaning
  • The extensive rug cleaning process
  • Rug drying
  • Anti-Fungal Treatment
  • Chemical treatment
  • Certified, trained, experienced rug servicing expert team.
  • State-of-the-art rug cleaning facility.
  • Wide range of rug repair solutions: Binding, Patching, Backing repair, Color correction, and many more. 
  • We have a wide variety of yarns to choose from to find the best match to the aged original yarn of your rug. 

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We offer FREE rug cleaning service estimates and FREE pickup and delivery to customers in our Dallas-Fort Worth service area. We will pick up your rugs from your home or office and safely transport them to our dedicated Dallas Oriental rug cleaning and storage facility in DFW.

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