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Persian Rug Cleaning In Dallas Forth Worth

As a family-run business, we treat every rug that comes through our door like it's our own. We focus solely on our customers' satisfaction giving you the peace of mind that your Persian rug will be given the level of care and attention it deserves.

Each year we use traditional methods to clean & restore hundreds of Persian rugs for private clients, rug dealers, hotels and restaurants in addition to carrying out both repair and cleaning services for insurance companies and claims. We can collect from and deliver to door-steps throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Steps Of Persian Rug Cleaning In Dallas

Your Persian, wool, silk and other area rugs are not just art treasures. They are also very valuable investments or family heirlooms. That’s why we clean them with so much care and attention to detail.

To ensure each rug receives the thoroughly exhaustive cleaning it deserves, our cleaning process is as follows:

Pre-wash Inspection: Our pre-was inspection will also detail any fringe issues, pet urine or insect damage as well as any other concerns we may have. If you bring your rug to our shop we will perform the inspection with you present.  If we pick up your rug, our technicians will perform the per-wash inspection and call you with their findings.

Color & Dye Test: Without thorough testing, there is no way to plan and prepare for safely washing a rug.  In the event, our test reveals a rug will “bleed” our craftsmen will decide as to the best way to clean the rug and we will convey our findings to the client.

Dusting: Our dusting machine applies over 40,000 harmonic waves through the rug thereby dislodging the dirt not only from the rug’s fibers but from the foundation warps and wefts as well.  This thorough “dusting” allows us to remove years of deep-set soil and other contaminants left behind by the owners’ vacuum cleaners.

Treating Stubborn Spots: After the dusting process, all spots are treated with specialty spotting solutions to help loosen them prior to the washing process.

Pet Urine Decontamination & Treatment: Our pet urine and odor treatment processes are so thorough we guarantee the odor will be gone and the rug will be decontaminated. This is very important as pets – especially cats – have very strong senses. If they can smell any residual urine, they are much more prone to returning to that same spot again and again.

Full Bath Submersion: The rug is washed using mild rug shampoo and cool water just like you would with your wool or cotton sweater.  We avoid hot water, harsh detergents, and high heat.

pH Conditioned Rinsed: Once your rug has been thoroughly cleaned it is then rinsed to remove all of the soils and cleaning agents. It may surprise you to know that our rinsing process is so thorough that our final rinse water is actually clean enough to drink!

Drying: Depending on the age and structural composition of each rug, we will either hang them to dry or lay them flat on an elevated drying bed. Air movers are used to helping facilitate drying, and dehumidifiers help control the drying environment.

Fringe Work & Detailing: During the cleaning process, fringe tassels are scrubbed and treated with a specialty fringe cleaner.  Cotton fringe is an absorbent fiber and is difficult to clean (think of your kid’s shoelaces) but with the right amount of attention and elbow grease, we can make your fringe look practically brand new again.

Once the fringe has been cleaned and dried we give them a final going over with a horsehair brush and prepare the rug for the final inspection.

Final Inspection: Once the rug has been conditioned and allowed to air dry we inspect using Xenon lighting to make certain no bacteria or urine salts are present.  We then check the rug with a moisture meter to make certain the surface, foundation; warps and wefts of the rug are 100% dry.  The rug is then visually inspected along with any fringe and the surface of the rug is then tested with a silk cloth to grade for softness and deodorization.

The final step is to prepare the client’s area rug for delivery or storage in our indoor controlled environment.

Rely On Us For Rug Cleaning In Dallas

The benefits of using our specialist cleaning system over a company that cleans rugs and carpets in the home are many. Firstly, and most importantly, the steps we take to remove ingrained dirt and dust before cleaning is one of the most important steps in the entire rug cleaning process, and is completely overlooked by most.

We only use the highest quality wool-safe carpet shampoo, cleaning products and materials, specifically designed for high-quality wool and natural dyes. Removing color run from a careless wash is difficult and costly (if even possible), so it is best to get it right the first time.

Apart from Persian rug cleaning, you can also contact us for professional pet odor removalmoth repellentblot spillsbindingpatchingbacking repairrug color correctionrug fringe repair, and many more!

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