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Carpet Beetles Infested Rug Repair in DFW

Carpet Beetles

One persistent nuisance of almost every household who owns a rug or carpet is the bug ‘carpet beetles’. These pests’ larvae feed on keratin proteins found in skin, hair, or furry materials. So, they have a strong attraction to fur, silk, wool, and other high quality, natural materials, and even synthetic rugs where they make their home. 

In spite of regular vacuuming and cleaning at home, your rug can get infested with carpet beetles due to various reasons. That is why it’s important to keep an eye on the signs of carpet beetle infestation in your oriental or area rugs and call for professional help to restore it as soon as possible to minimize damage and repair cost.

If your area/Oriental rug is infested with carpet beetles and you are looking for an affordable, quick rug repair call Dalworth Cleaning for professional rug treatment

We are a licensed, insured, bonded local reliable professional rug cleaning company operating since 1946. Our service areas include Watauga, Waxahachie, Weatherford, Westminster, and other DFW Metroplex areas. We perform all kinds of rug repair services including rug disinfestation. 

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Some Common Signs of Carpet Beetles Infestation in Your Rug

Bare Spots in Wool Products
Bare Spots in Wool Products

While it can be very difficult to see the larvae with a naked eye, you'll know they are there when spots on your rug become thin or loose.

Bald Areas of Furs
Bald Areas of Furs

The bald spots will appear because the larvae munch on the base of the hairs, causing them to fall.

Larva Skins
Larva Skins

The most common places you'll find them are under rugs, under furniture, or in areas where pet hair and lint collects.

Spot the Larvae Beetle
Spot the Larvae Beetle

If beetles are present you'll likely spot them on walls or window sills where the sun shines.

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  • Identification of all damages. 
  • Prepare for the most appropriate treatment/repair.
  • Free delivery of rug to your place. 
  • Award-winning customer service.
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  • Customized Rug Cleaning Process.
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